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All charms/accents are 14k gold plated and very tarnish resistant! 

I took all pictures with my hand so you can scale for size


Pic 1- Double sided eye charms  15mmx18mm (2 pcs)

Pic 2- Single sided moon charms with Zircon crystal 6mmx7mm / 21mm x10mm

(2 pcs)

Pic 3- Single sided moon charms with rainbow Zircon crystals 21mmx9mm (2 pcs)

Pic 4- Single sided rainbow eye charms w zircon crystals 13x13mm (3 pcs)

Pic 5- Single sided eye charms with zircon crystals 15x15mm (5 pcs)

Pic 6- Double sided Leopard charms 12mmx20mm (2 pcs)

Pic 7- Double sided crown beads 6mmx7mm/ Hole size:8mm (5 pcs) 

Pic 8- Moon pendants 11x14mm (3 pcs)

 Pic 10- Hand (enamel) tube beads 9x6mm/ hole size:3mm (3 pcs)

Pic 11- Mirror lightning charms  (these are stainless steel) 6x16mm (3 pcs)

Pic 12: Star charms with zircon crystal 12mmx14mm (3pcs)